• Sat
  • 27
  • 05
  • 2023
  • 21:00
Tresor.West exhibits: “Purple Pill” by Janu Krohm
Sat 27 May 2023 - 21:00

Sa 27.05
Tresor.West exhibits: “Purple Pill” by Janu Krohm

‘Purple Pill’ intends to question our ideas of safety within club spaces, on the verge of fantasy stimulation bridging the Otherness. Through a wide range of mediums, the show takes over the Tresor spaces with visual and installed works, wondering on how we occupy spaces, or on how they occupy us.
The exhibition delves into issues that arise within electronic music, proposing a syncretic reality: instead of choosing between the blue or the red pill, what about the purple one?

Groove Article about the Exhibition

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Doors: 9pm