General Terms and Conditions Wardrobe

§ 1 – Wardrobe ticket

One wardrobe ticket is issued for each item of clothing, backpack or bag handed in at the guarded wardrobe. Items of storage will only be handed out against return of the wardrobe ticket, but without further verification of entitlement. If the wardrobe ticket is lost, the storage items can only be handed over after all other visitors have collected their storage items or if the visitor can prove that he/she is the owner of the storage item. The items may only be handed over on presentation of a valid official identification document and by stating the name and address of the visitor. Visitors are not permitted to enter the wardrobe area.

§ 2 – Liability

The liability of Tresor.West shall commence upon acceptance of the item in storage in exchange for a wardrobe ticket and shall be limited to damage caused by gross negligence. The onus of proof required for this is on the visitor. Liability ends with the return of the item. The liability of Tresor.West is limited to a maximum current value of €100, any further liability is excluded. Tresor.West is only liable for the main item handed in (item of clothing, backpack, bag), but not for other items such as scarves, hats, gloves and similar. Liability for these items can only be accepted if they are handed in separately in exchange for wardrobe tokens. Tresor.West accepts no liability for items not collected after the guarded wardrobe has closed.

If a wardrobe drop-off is not offered, the guest must take care of his/her items him/herself. The Tresor.West accepts no liability for this.

§ 3 – Mobile phones, keys, documents and other valuables

Visitors are required not to leave any items such as ID cards, credit cards, cash, keys, mobile phones or other valuables in the wardrobe items. The wardrobe service offered does not relate to the storage of such items, but solely to the item itself accepted in exchange for the issue of a cloakroom token. The visitor shall bear the risk of loss of or damage to all items left in the wardrobe items. This also expressly applies to items left in cloakroom items such as bags, backpacks, etc. Any liability of Tresor.West for this is excluded.

§ 4 – Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions

By handing in items for storage at the wardrobe, the visitor agrees to these General Terms and Conditions.